Porsche 904 GTS Replica

Carl & Ellen Young

This is the very first production 904 GTS replica produced in this country. The body molds were taken from an original 1964 Porsche 904 GTS. The original 100 cars produced in 1964 were the first fiberglass competition cars produced by Porsche and the last of the streetable race cars. Many feel the 904 to be the best looking Porsche ever built.

This silver gray Porsche 904 is also constructed of fiberglass similar to the original. It turns out that Avanti Motors made a business arrangement with Chuck Beck, the Beck Spyder originator, to hire him to build a 904 reproduction car. Avanti completed only three of these remarkable cars, and Carl Young of the Porsche Repair Shop "Carl's Place" in Las Vegas got the first one. Duane Spencer (owner of Shasta Design, the maker of 356 piston/cylinders/etc) also got one, and the 3rd went to Bob March on the east coast. The cars were supposed to be delivered as a completed rolling chassis minus engine, transaxle and wheels. However none of the cars were ready for installation of the running gear when they were delivered. Both Duane’s and Carl's required considerable work to complete and make road worthy. Duane put his car up for sale on eBay.

This is what Carl did to his 904: the engine is a 3.0L SC, internally stock, fresh valve job, enlarged throttle body & air sensor plate, with a custom made exhaust system. It sports a 914 transaxle freshly rebuilt with syncros/bearings/etc. Gears are C – HA – N – V – ZD (904 main shaft). The clutch operation is a custom made hydraulic system. I doubt that Avanti will be making any more 904’s. There were so few factory original 904 cars, and even fewer replicas, that Carl's 904 is valuable. Although the two look identical; the museum piece would likely sell for 10 times more. However Carl's 904 with the safety modifications, fuel cell and modern technology enhancements would undoubtedly make it the winner in driveability, durability, reliability and performance.

Carl passed away on January 20, 2008. The car is now in Carl's estate or owned by his wife Ellen.

Date: July 2, 2009
Subject: Avanti 904

Hi Jeff. I read your story on Carl Young's 904. I have the third 904. We also had to do extensive work on the chassis. My plan is to track the car with the Northern New Jersey Region of the Porsche Club. Just wanted to finish the story. Bob March

Many celebrities have owned Porsche cars over time like Bill Gates and Tom Cruise. These luxury brands are often paired with other expensive toys like boats and planes. Many of the yachts in Fort Lauderdale owned by celebrities include extra security for their owner’s car as well. Porsche even recently designed their own 135 foot yacht.

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