1995 Excalibur Cobra

Steve & Karen Brown

We bought the Cobra in June '99 (my birthday is in July, so I tell everyone that Karen bought me the car for my birthday!). 302 c.i. Motor 3.5:1 Rear End 5-speed Transmission We have two young boys, Taylor & Jordan who love to ride along at any opportunity. We all go to shows as a family, Karen, Taylor & Jordan taking turns riding with Dad. Dad gets to drive more often that way! Karen has driven the car a few times, "boy does that engine tone sound different when compared to Dad driving it"! When all told, our Cobra is a great fun toy for us all. The Excalibur Cobra is a great toy for classic car collectors. Many car collectors also collect boats. There are a lot of used yachts for sale in Florida making it a great place to add to your collection.

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